264215 Planning Data Senior Delivery Manager (2023)

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* Please note, you will need to merge your personal statement and CV into one document. When submitting your application Applied will ask you to upload a CV, when doing this you should upload your merged document of your CV and personal statement. If you experience any technical issues, please contact recruitment@levellingup.gov.uk.

Job summary

Important - To apply for this role you will need to submit a CV and covering letter. These need to be merged into one document. When submitting your application Applied will ask you to upload a CV, when doing this you should upload your merged document of your CV and covering letter. There are further details in the Selection Process section further below in this advert.

This is an exciting opportunity to join Digital Land, a multidisciplinary team within the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) Digital Directorate. Our mission is to make planning data easy to find, use and trust. We believe that better data will help fix the housing market.  Our data will form the foundation for radically new digital planning services, that will transform the planning system, and help deliver more and better quality homes for everyone. Our work is at the heart of the wholesale digital transformation of the planning system, a key pillar of the Planning for the Future White Paper.
We’re a team of digital specialists who work with policy colleagues, local government, planning software developers and planners. The Senior Product Manager role is a key part of this team, shaping the product roadmap and delivering value for our users.

Here at DLUHC, we work on things that make a real difference to people’s lives.

Whether it's through the homes we live in, the work of our local councils, or the communities we are all a part of, our work is at the top of the political agenda. We have ambitious and far-reaching outcomes to achieve this year and, if you are thinking of joining us, there’s never been a more exciting time.

Job description

This role provides a unique and exciting opportunity to influence the use of the Digital Land platform, to make planning and housing data easier to find, use and trust. As a Senior Delivery Manager, you'll have a deep understanding of agile and lean practices and make judgements on the use of appropriate tools and techniques across Digital Land and the wider Digital Planning team. You’ll have proactively managed dependencies, identified and managed priorities, overcome obstacles and got the best value against constraints. You will have also managed risks, budgets and people.

Key Responsibilities

· You will coach and lead Digital Land team in Agile and Lean practices. You will be recognised expert that advocates these approaches, continuously reflecting and challenging the team. You will create or tailor new ways of working

· You can mediate between people and mend relationships, communicating with stakeholders at all levels. You can manage stakeholder expectations and facilitate discussions about high risk and complexity even within constrained timescales. You can speak and represent the community to large audiences inside and outside of government.

· You know how to optimise the delivery flow of teams. You actively address the most complicated risks, issues and dependencies including where ownership exists outside the team or no clear ownership exists. You can identify innovative ways to unblock issues.

· You can identify and challenge organisational processes of increasing complexity and those processes that are unnecessarily complicated. You can add value and can coach the organisation to inspect and adapt processes. You know how to guide teams through the implementation of a new process.

· You know how to lead a continual planning process in a very complex environment. You can plan beyond product delivery. You can identify dependencies in plans across services and coordinate delivery. You know how to coach other teams as the central point of expertise.

· You can identify problems or issues in the team dynamic and rectify them. You can pull out issues through agile health-checks with the team and provoke the right responses. You can engage in varying types of feedback, choosing the right type at the appropriate time and ensuring the discussion and decision sticks. You can accelerate the team development cycle.

Person specification

It is essential you have:

· Experience in coaching and leading teams in Agile and Lean practices

· Experience of working as a Delivery Manager, delivering large, complex, user centred digital products

· Experience of the continuous approach to planning, forecasting, estimating, managing uncertainty, metrics and measurements, contingency planning androadmapping

· Experience of optimising the delivery flow of teams. You should have experience in actively addressing the most complicated risks, issues and dependencies including where ownership exists outside the team or no clear ownership exists. You should be able to identify innovative ways to unblock issues

· Experience in identifying problems or issues in the team dynamic and rectify them. You have experience in pulling out issues through agile health-checks with the team and provoke the right responses

Ideally you have:

· Understanding of the government digital landscape and the GDS Service Manual

· Previous experience working in a government digital team

· Previous experience managing virtual teams

· Previous experience managing the delivery of a multi-product service, portfolio or programme

· Demonstrable experience of taking responsibility for complex relationships with contracted suppliers and negotiations

· Understanding of how to negotiate, influence or set budget and business cases in complex environments.

· Experience of multiple parts of the product life cycle, and appropriate deliverables for each phase.


We'll assess you against these behaviours during the selection process:

  • Delivering at Pace

  • Developing Self and Others

  • Working Together

  • Communicating and Influencing


  • Learning and development tailored to your role

  • An environment with flexible working options

  • A culture encouraging inclusion and diversity

  • A Civil Service pension with an average employer contribution of 27%

Selection process details

This vacancy is using Success Profiles, and will assess your Behaviours, Strengths and Experience.

We are for everyone

At DLUHC we value diversity and inclusion and actively encourage and welcome applications from everyone, including those that are underrepresented in our workforce. We promote equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment and a working environment free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation.

We would strongly recommend that applicants get in touch with the vacancy manager to find out more information about this role.

We are for everyone

CV and Cover Letter Declaration

We recruit based on your knowledge and skills, and not background, gender or ethnicity - this is called name blind recruitment.

Please remove references to your:

  • name/title

  • educational institutions

  • age

  • gender

  • email address

  • postal address

  • phone number

  • nationality/immigration status

You will need to merge your CV and covering letter into one document. When submitting your application Applied will ask you to upload a CV, when doing this you should upload your merged document of your CV and covering letter.

Most of our campaigns utilise multiple assessors and so it is possible that your application would be viewed by different assessors.

At sift, through your CV and covering letter we will be assessing:


Your covering letter should be no more than 1 page.

In your CV and covering letter, please include:

a. why you are interested in the role;
b. how you meet the essential skills and experience required

The interview will be of a blended nature consisting ofbehaviour, technical, abilityand strength based questions as listed in the advert. The strength based questions will require natural responses from the candidates. Candidates will be expected to prepare a presentation at interview, details of which will be sent on invitation to interview.

In full the campaign will test the below Success Profile Elements:

Experience: Yes - Experience questions will be based around the essential skills and criteria as listed in the job description

Technical: Yes - Technical questions will be based around the essential skills and criteria as listed in the job description

Ability: Yes

Strength: Yes

Behaviours: Communicating and influencing, Working Together, Developing self and others, Delivering at pace

We do not consider direct CV applications – you must apply for this role via the application link on Civil Service Jobs.

Please note that near miss offers may be made at the lower grade to candidates who do not meet the grade criteria for this campaign.

Group 1 DDat roles

DLUHC has implemented the DDaT capability framework for Group 1 roles. Applicants that are successful at the sift stage will be required to complete a capability assessment at interview.

DLUHC will honour completed capability assessments for this role from other Government Departments for existing Civil Servants. Please provide a copy of your capability assessment to the Hiring Manager when applying. If you have any queries on pay, please contact the Hiring Manager.

Salary is determined by performance at interview, within the range advertised. Each experience or technical skill is assessed between 1-3, representing working towards, at or above the job level requirements. You are awarded a proficiency level accordingly, and you will be given opportunities at least once a year to re assess your capability and progress through the pay scale within your grade.

Candidates moving from another government department have the option to retain their current salary where the principle for implementation is there is no detriment where existing pay exceeds the indicative level. Where individuals are at a lower salary than their assessed level, they will receive an upward adjustment.

Grade 7 Group 1 DDaT salary

  • The salary for this role will between £54,280 - £58,862 (National) depending on the proficiency level assessment.

  • For applicants in receipt of existing allowances, we will assess each case individually and aim to match the digital allowance implemented with no detriment.

  • For existing civil servants, the usual policy on level transfer and promotion will apply and is non-negotiable


Transfers across the Civil Service on or after 4 October 2018:

Any move to DLUHC from another employer will mean you can no longer access childcare vouchers. This includes moves between government departments. You may however be eligible for other government schemes, including Tax-Free Childcare. Determine your eligibility at https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk.

For further information about the benefits available to DLUHC employees, please see the attached Candidate Pack.


  • Wolverhampton

  • Warrington

  • Leeds

  • Bristol

There may be opportunities for candidates to work flexibly depending on the business needs. This will be discussed with the vacancy manager on a case-by-case basis if you are successful for the role.

Sift and Interview dates

Sifting is envisaged to take place W/C 06/02/2023with interview dates to be confirmed. All interviews are currently being held remotely via videocall.

Reserve List

In the event that we identify more appointable candidates than we currently have posts available, we will hold applicant details on a reserve list for a period of 6 months from which further appointments can be made. This may include roles at a lower grade. Candidates placed on a reserve list will be informed of this. Those candidates who do not wish to remain on the reserve list should contact recruitment@communities.gov.uk to be removed from the reserve list.

Fixed Term Details

For external candidates– you will be offered a 2 year fixed term appointment with a possibility of permanency.

For existing civil servants – you will be offered a 2 year loan opportunity. Before applying for the role, you will need to seek approval from your parent department to take up a loan appointment should you be successful.

For DLUHC employees - you will retain your existing contract

Before starting your application it’s very important to make sure that you are eligible to apply and meet the Civil Service nationality requirements. All candidates are expected to read the information provided in the DLUHC candidate pack regarding nationality requirements and rules

Candidate Pack Information

Please see attached Candidate pack for further information.

Internal Fraud Database

The Internal Fraud function of the Fraud, Error, Debt and Grants Function at the Cabinet Office processes details of civil servants who have been dismissed for committing internal fraud, or who would have been dismissed had they not resigned.The Cabinet Office receives the details from participating government organisations of civil servants who have been dismissed, or who would have been dismissed had they not resigned, for internal fraud. In instances such as this, civil servants are then banned for 5 years from further employment in the civil service. The Cabinet Office then processes this data and discloses a limited dataset back to DLUHC as a participating government organisations. DLUHC then carry out the pre employment checks so as to detect instances where known fraudsters are attempting to reapply for roles in the civil service. In this way, the policy is ensured and the repetition of internal fraud is prevented.

For more information please see- Internal Fraud Register

Feedback will only be provided if you attend an interview or assessment.


Successful candidates must pass a disclosure and barring security check.

People working with government assets must complete basic personnel security standard checks.

Nationality requirements

This job is broadly open to the following groups:

  • UK nationals

  • nationals of Commonwealth countries who have the right to work in the UK

  • nationals of the Republic of Ireland

  • nationals from the EU, EEA or Switzerland with settled or pre-settled status or who apply for either status by the deadline of the European Union Settlement Scheme (EUSS)

  • relevant EU, EEA, Swiss or Turkish nationals working in the Civil Service

  • relevant EU, EEA, Swiss or Turkish nationals who have built up the right to work in the Civil Service

  • certain family members of the relevant EU, EEA, Swiss or Turkish nationals

Further information on nationality requirements

Working for the Civil Service

The Civil Service Code sets out the standards of behaviour expected of civil servants.

We recruit by merit on the basis of fair and open competition, as outlined in the Civil Service Commission's recruitment principles.

The Civil Service embraces diversity and promotes equal opportunities. As such, we run a Disability Confident Scheme (DCS) for candidates with disabilities who meet the minimum selection criteria.

The Civil Service also offers a Redeployment Interview Scheme to civil servants who are at risk of redundancy, and who meet the minimum requirements for the advertised vacancy.

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