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Jun 28, 2019

My Limit Keeps Going Up!

Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for a little more than a year and they've been steadily increaing my limit without me having to ask. I'm not even sure if there's a place on their website to make a request for a higher limit but I started out at $600 and then it was $1000. Then one day out of the blue they thanked me for my business and bumped it up to $1500. Now I'm at a $2300 credit limit which is great because it gives me that extra room to maintain a low utilization rate. I use it primarily for a few groceries and most of my consumables. But what I really like about it is the ease of use when it comes to making payments. Other store card sites have me searching and digging around to find the area to make a payment but Target clearly says "Pay Bill Here". ?

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Mar 27, 2021

Difficult to deal with.

Credit Karma Member

So. I’ve had the card for essentially one week with a $1000 credit limit. I have yet to use the card, but every interaction I’ve had thus far has been oddly irritating. First, when I applied, I used my legal address as I have recently moved from New York to Massachusetts. I called to see if I could update the address to have it mailed to my actual home as opposed to my former address which I still have access to. The representative most literally described the request as “highly suspicious”. The issue I truly took was that I simply didn’t care what address it was mailed to, for purposes of convenience alone, I requested my new physical address, but was highly amendable to it going to the alternate as I still have access to the address. It just was such a strangely aggressive implication and quite frankly, rude. So upon receiving the card, I called to activate and was told I needed to wait during a former business day to do so as the department responsible for verification needed to approve it. Like. I simply did it to receive the discount for a large television purchase, but with each interaction, it seems hardly worth it as it is literally jumping through hoops to gain access. The irony is that I was barely asked any questions in the application process, which was fine online and felt seamless. But any after thought or inquiry has been highly problematic. I’ll hold out hope, but I’m borderline appalled at this point.

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Feb 06, 2023

Horrible customer service

Credit Karma Member

I pay my balances every month then the next month it’s the same thing my payments sometimes doesn’t get applied and it carries to the next month when I call customer service I don’t understand the people target uses. I try and explain I shouldn’t have a balance the following month for the same thing if I pay my balances every month. I’ve had this happen 2 x so far I’m ready to just cancel the card so frustrating

Jan 03, 2023

They don't apply payments

Credit Karma Member

Horrible customer service and payments made are never applied! Made a payment of $100 waited a week and the balance on my redcard remained the same! Called them and asked them and they say payment was applied when I know it was not. Balance I own is $700 made a $100 payment that balance should of gone down to $600. But they say it has been applied. They are thiefs!

Nov 16, 2022

Convoluted Autopay System

Credit Karma Member

I use my RedCard infrequently enough that it's sometimes hard to recall when I need to payment. Trying to set up an auto-payment for the exact balance each month had been annoying difficult and it has cost me extra cash. The savings have been wiped out. Enjoy the extra money I've given you RedCard, here's a helpful review.

Oct 28, 2022

Trash Customer Service

Credit Karma Member

Trash customer service. For a company whose app sends dozens of push notifications DAILY for items “you may be interested in,” the customer service and absence of reminder services for the Red Card due dates for that “trip to get more body wash” could cost you on your credit report. The push notification I did finally get was from a credit monitoring service AFTER the account was past due. At least other companies will give a courtesy call to say “hey, you paying this or no?” Because they understand life happens and people forget things. Not Target, they want that late fee payment, interest fee payment and have zero care for their customers.

Sep 20, 2022

Get regular credit card

Credit Karma Member

Recently applied for redcard 3 days later I received call saying they needed copies of drivers license soc. Sec. Card and recent utility bill. Told person to withdraw application. I just bought tv from them getting ready to buy dresser, not any more! I will not shop there any more! There's other places that are upfront and honest I'll give them my business

Aug 06, 2022

Worst customer service

Credit Karma Member

I've had my Red card for years. A few months ago I made a $100 payment online My balance was only $200. When looking at my payments I noticed they charged me twice! I had to call Redcard more than 5 times to get someone with knowledge! Finally I found an agent who admitted there was a glitch on the website and that they double charged me! Well they refunded me $200 and added $200 to my remaining RedCard balance! When I called them like 10 times more they explained that since they refunded me they added that $200 to my balance making my balance $400! Its been like that for months! They never cared to fixed it! and I'm stuck paying that! Why would they add $200 to my Redcard for a return that they did? I did not make $200 in purchases! Their system messed up and took my payment twice! be careful with this company! As soon as I'm done with payments I'm closing the account!

May 30, 2022


Credit Karma Member

I have been using red card since 6 years . I have been using using multiple credit cards with excellent credit score and all cards have high credit limit but whenever I called red card customer service to increase credit limit they just says it will takes time but never they never increase my credit limit. Because of red card low credit limit , my credit score is getting impacted.

May 25, 2022

All Around Frustrating

Credit Karma Member

I have a pretty decent credit score. Whenever I try to make a payment online there is always an issue. It just times out or when asked to reset password I never receive the email even though I receive emails from the constantly. I swear I waste so much time on them when it should be easier than this. Get a different credit card that has all around perks for all the places you shop at. It’ll save you time and frustration.

Apr 12, 2022

Impossible For Credit Increases

Credit Karma Member

Been having this card for about a year. I have an average credit limit of $2,000 with some cards above $10,000. My credit score is decent with a 710 and when I applied I got a $300 credit limit. I felt offended with the little trust they gave me but I knew I could increase it in the future. Turns out I can't increase it at all on my end and when I called after six months they told me they do it randomly and I can't adjust it. I can't fully use this card so I have it collecting dust. Get the target debit card instead since it offers the same benefits

Dec 23, 2021

Good Deal - Antiquated Features

Credit Karma Member

The cash back rewards make the card worthwhile to use when shopping at Target. The online experience is reminiscent of the early 2000s and it is not uncommon to get locked out of the account for months at a time, needing to call in to unlock the account (I get an entirely different story each time - seems to be a fabrication du jour). The credit limit control is also a bit of a frustrating and arbitrary mystery.

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